Saturday, February 21, 2015

friday favourites....

....on a Saturday! I've got two kids sick and were home from school but today they seem much better...crossing fingers! 

On to my favourites!

My fisrt favourite is a person! My friend Vesna who is as gorgeous on the inside as on the outside has recently moved (with her husband) to Sweden and started a new chapter in her life and a new blog Frozen Spring! I really recommend you pop by and check it out! (she also co-writes another blog Beauty & Mess).

Here she is modeling a scarf I crocheted and gifted her before she left. It's gorgeous if I do say so myself....gorgeous scarf for a gorgeous girl! I plan on adding my crochet projects to my Etsy shop in the future.

Love the colours! And I LOVE the white painted brick wall.

Mama needs a new wardrobe man....I am dead serious! I have neglected me for a very very ...very long time.  I'm looking for some jeans....the other day I was at the mall but in a hurry and I walked by Promod and saw some lovely jeans! I hate trying on clothes though.

How adorable is this!! We don't have these kind of berries baskets....ours come in ugly clear plastic container. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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Dotty Jo x said...

Another super selection! I need a new wardrobe too... my clothes are all so tired and frumpy looking, Jo x