Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DIY moulds & polymer clay tutorial


I'm back with the tutorial I did for this magazine!

Okay...here we go! :)

So I bought this silicone putty at Etsy and decided to use some PTI buttons to make a moulds of.

Take two equal parts and mix them together.....very quickly.

I mean as quick as possible because the putty starts to dry as soon as you take it out of it's container...mix and make a ball.

Push the button into the putty. For this particular brand it says to let it stand for about 20 minutes to harden.

Then pop out the button...and you have your mould! :)

Take your polymer clay (I used Fimo), roll into a ball and press into the mould.

I usually have to add or take away some fimo for a perfect fit....you want the back as flat as possible so it will lay flat on your project.

With this silicone putty you can bake the polymer clay in the mould...what I usually do is put it in the freezer for a minute and the polymer clay pops out and then I bake it....saves time to do it this way if you want to make more than one button.

I then threaded the button with bakers twine and added a big glue dot on the back to adhere it to my card.

I also used Hero Arts Clouds stamp and a SRM sticker for this card. This card reminds me to relax, chill....don't stress....everything I need I already have....my family and our health. :)

All three buttons on this card I made using moulds I created from the buttons above (all PTI buttons).

If you have any questions please ask...it's pretty easy and fun! :)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

sneak peek

Just sharing something I'm working on.....working on LOTS of things....loads of deadlines.....

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm just popping in to share some exciting news......I've been published in this magazine!!!

I did a tutorial on making your own moulds....here's a little sneak peek...

I'll share more details about this publication a little later.

I don't know how it is on your side of the pond but it is H.O.T. here in Zagreb!!!!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a little change...

I added this to my Etsy shop today...I mixed things up a bit this time....

I added some mini buttons....cute! :)

I'm working on a buttons giveaway...soon....just sayin! :)


p.s. I'm feeling a lot better thanks...just a bit of stiffness in my neck... :)
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some pics from our holiday...

We stayed at my aunts home....isn't it gorgeous!!!

This is how close she is to the beach people...I just stepped out on to the road!!


Mia doing a little fishing....

We spent one whole day hanging out in Nin (where my mama is from)...I LOVE this place most in the whole world! Here's Jakov on the beach....where's his feet!???!

When you come to Nin you MUST rub Grgur Ninski's toe!!! It's good luck people!

Marko and Jakov making all kinds of wishes while rubbing 'the' toe!! I hope they come true for them! :)

We then made our way to my cousin's restaurant Konoba Branimir....it is just BEAUTIFUL!!! and the food was YUM YUM YUM!!! (all those stones you see along the ground are ruins...)

AND this restaurant is right across this BEAUTIFUL church.....

sv. Kriz (Holy Cross church) is known as the smallest kathedral in the world dated from the 9th century....did I mention I LOVE this church (and that my husband and I married in a church opposit of this church!!!)

Inside this GORGEOUS church...

My kids wanted to take a picture next to Sponge Bob's house! LOL (I believe this building is the elementary school my mom went to....my kids so love learning all this about their Baba (grandma).

Condura Croatica
"In 1966, at the entrance into the port of Nin, remains of boats were found by chance. They were taken out of the sea in 1974 and transferred to Zadar.
These boats sailed in the 11th cent, beginning of the 12thcent. It is supposed that they correspond to the konduras mentioned by Emperor Konstantin Porphyrogenitos in the 10th century when he spoke of the Old Croatian navy."
On our way back home...snif, snif..we stopped here to see this treasure!!

Another BREATH TAKING church...win TONS of history!!

We had a wonderful time!! Too short but never the less...quality family goodness!
I highly recommend Croatia as a holiday destination. :)

Off to put a heat pad on my neck!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

I signed up!

I signed up!!! And I can't wait for it to start....check out more about it here!

I'm resting up...suffering major back and neck pains...this happens now and then (those who follow my blog know this)...I'm feeling a bit better today so I'm hoping I'll be back on my feet soon...got LOTS to do!!! :)

I will be back soon with some pictures from our holiday!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011


A little project I made using Jane's Doodles Garden Friends Set and SRM stickers and tube....

I stamped the little flower (that's in the Garden Friends set) all over the white tag...

Have a great day!
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more buttons

Added these today......

Working on some yellow and orange buttons.

Have a great day!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st birthday birdie


Just posted this card here.
Sorry about the photo...having issues with my camera! :(

I also used a SRM sticker on this card...from their Live Life Baby Boy set.

I also added these buttons to my Etsy shop today....they sold already! :)

Have a great day!!
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Monday, August 15, 2011

etsy update

Will be adding these handmade buttons to my Etsy Shop in a bit.
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