Monday, September 7, 2015

Vrsi - Mulo


I'm sharing more photos of our summer vacation. 
After Pag we went to my aunts house and we LOVE it there! Her house is the third house up from the close that my kids when they didn't want to be on the beach anymore could walk back to the house on their own.

Her house is in Vrsi Mulo (which is not even a 10 minute drive to Nin and about a 20 minute drive to Zadar).

Our view from the balcony. :)

There are a lot of gorgeous beaches in the area but we didn't feel like driving much and went to the beach down the road.

One night there was AMAZING fireworks off the water! I did share it on my instagram.

My aunt also has a huge fig tree.....people...I cannot tell you how yummy they are!

Every time we leave I cry. I just love it there, we love my aunt and we feel so at home there.


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Michelle said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world, Jane. Thanks for sharing your photos. :-)