Monday, September 14, 2015


I've already posted lots about Nin. I LOVE it there. My mom is from Nin, I got married there. Our favourite thing to do is to go there in the evening for a walk and a snack.

We noticed a new candy store and as sweet as it was I do not recommend you shop there. It is OVER PRICED!!! All the candy costs the same and they charge by weight. The kids had fun picking their candy but never again! LOL!

I love to go into the little souvenir shops and I found this hand cream by a Croatian brand called Sapunoteka. I bought some for my sister in laws. I hope to pop into their store in Zagreb soon and grab some goodies for myself.


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Dotty Jo said...

Looks like a magical place, Jo x

Milka Gubo said...

Beautiful photos, Jane! I love Nin! I was spending my summer vacations there with my friends for eight years. Such a pretty memories and magical place. :-D