Friday, September 25, 2015

friday favourites

Happy FriYAY!

Here are my favourites! ;)

I hate doing the laundry...BUT I don't think I'd mind so much doing it in this room! ;)

Well...fall is here, like it or not. I acutally do love fall but it feels like summer just flew by. Anyways...I love soft, chunky knits and I LOVE grey! The watch isn't to shabby either.

Must try this recipe!

Gorgeous shade for fall...on my wish list!


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Nancy said...

I always enjoy your Friday finds. I am working on my laundry area. It is a bit damp and dark. The dehumidefire helps a great deal. I am going to build some sorting shelves from reclaimed wood. I have an old wash board to hage up as well, It will be kind of funky. It is improving:)