Saturday, September 5, 2015

friday favourites on a saturday


I'm posting my Friday favourites on a Saturday because I obviously don't know what day it is (I can't keep up!!) so here we go! :)

I've hit the malls big time since my mom came....she's going crazy back to school shopping with the kids!! We popped in Promod and I spotted a few pieces that I really love like this gorgeous knit cardigan. It is GORG! Now that I think about it the dress is pretty darn cute too!

I love sandwiches for lunch. I try to keep them healthy with adding lots of veggies and keeping away from white bread...anyways...this greek chicken salad sandwich is making me drool!

I'm diggin' everything except for the's cool but I think it would bug me. But everything else...yes please!

I love nail polish! It's a problem! I have more than I need but I kinda justify it now with Mia using them too. ;)
I spotted these shades by ArtDeco at Muller and I think they are gorgeous for fall.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. I am in denial about school starting on Monday. I may very well be the only mother who is not doing the happy dance! I hate homework! LOL!


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