Friday, September 4, 2015



I thought it would be a good idea to give a little more info on Pag since most who visit my blog are not from Croatia.

The photos are not mine but of coarse I linked to the source where you can find out even more info on the photo and on Pag. :)

I remember my cousin's telling me that when they went to go and see the plot of land my uncle bought on Pag their first impression was 'Dad!! You bought land on the moon!!'. 
As you can see in the photo below Pag looks pretty bare.....but trust me there is an oasis hiding there!

Pag has many beautiful beaches and the water is so beautiful!

Pag is know for a few things and one of them (my favourite) is Pag cheese (Paški sir) or also called Pag Island cheese. My favourite cheese in the world! It is a hard sheep milkcheese and it's regarded as the most famous of all artisan cheeses made in Croatia. If you visit Croatia you MUST try this cheese!

Lace is another of Pag's treasures. Lace-makers did their work without any drawings using the works of their mother and grandmothers as examples. 
In 2009 Pag lace was inscribed in the Unesco's Representative List of the Intagible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Tomorrow I'll share more pics of our vacation.
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Dotty Jo said...

Looks wonderful! I love what I've seen of Croatia and hope to head back again for future holidays, Jo x

Fikreta said...

great photos