Monday, June 23, 2014

Elderflower juice

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I was meaning to share my homemade elderflower juice (or syrup would be more accurate) recipe. My neighbor always makes these awesome homemade jams and preserves, a while back she offered me some of her elderflower syrup to make juice and I LOVE IT!!!! It's so refreshing. So about a month or so ago we both went on a hunt for elderflowers (we had a blast)...the recipe is very easy.

This is what you'll need:

approx. 35 elderflowers (nice big ones)
3 liters of boiled water (cooled)
3 kg of sugar (The rule is usually one kg of sugar to one liter of water...remember you're making a syrup)
80 gr of citric acid 
gauze (to drain the flowers)

Wash your elderflowers and soak in the cooled (boiled) water for 12-24 hours (if you want a more intense taste than go ahead and soak for 24 hours, feel free to add some lemon slices or mint too).
Drain using the gauze (throw away the soggy flowers :) ), into the drained elderflower water add your sugar and citric acid. Stir through out the day...I literally just stirred here and there. Once the sugar has dissolved pour your syrup into clean bottles. To serve pour out a little of the syrup into your glass and add water and lemon refreshing! :)

This recipe could be altered all depending on your preference (more sugar, less sugar etc.)

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Have a great day!

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