Wednesday, June 18, 2014

hello friend


Hope all is well! (I really's not just how I start my blog...from the heart!)

It's my turn on the JD blog and my very first sunflower at home inspired my card for today. Last night no sunflower...this morning..hello Mr. Sunflower! :)

Ain't he pretty! :)
For this card I used my Autumn Blessings and Cube It stamp sets. I was in a hurry (what's new man!!) so watercolors saved the day again. Just a light wash of blue to make my background, some strips of green for the grass. I stamped and cut out my sunflower and did a very simple and light wash of colour. Easy peasy! And I'm not using any special watercolors...regular grocery store bought watercolors that my kids use.

I adhered the sunflower and top strip of grass with foam dots for dimension.

This week I will (fingers crossed) order some brand new JD stamps! I can't wait to share!
Have a great day!!

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Bad Kitty said...

jako lijepa čestika.
jedva čekam da vidim nove štambilje

Nancy said...

Very artsy! Love it!