Thursday, June 19, 2014

sneak peek + a little update


Hope all is well! :)

I just wanted to share a little sneak peek of a new JD stamp set. :) This set wasn't my idea, it was Judith's (she's a teacher) and I worked on it off and on but especially now that Judith is stepping down I wanted to finish it for her!

It all starts with a pencil and piece of paper! :)

I mentioned already the changes that are happening with JD and if everything goes well I hope for a release in August (it all depends on shipping since I will be shipping stamps all over the world...from Africa to England to the USA to Australia...). I apologize ahead of time if there are days where the shop is wonky...there are tweeks being made and you know how these things go!! 

See ya tomorrow for my Friday favourites! :)

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Bad Kitty said...

preslatki su

Ange Kelly said...

Jane, you one very talented lady! And I am sure everything will work out fine with the shop(think positive) x

Jay Gee said...

These look fabulous Jane! Can't wait to get my set and play :)