Saturday, June 28, 2014

skin care staples

Hope all is well! :)

I wanted to share some skin care products I use and LOVE! I've changed up a few things.  

First up is coconut oil! If I had to choose one skin care product it would be coconut oil...I use it to cleanse my face (takes off every last bit of make up), it's a moisturizer for the whole's awesome! AND it doesn't hurt that I LOVE the smell of coconuts! ;) Oh and I eat it too!

I recently came across this pin and decided to give it a go since I already had some organic apple cider vinegar and I am shocked at how well it is working as a toner for my skin! It's amazing! I use equal part vinegar and it does smell obviously like vinegar but it doesn't stay on the skin.  So far I'm really loving it! I know coconut oil, vinegar??? It's not everyone's cup of tea but it's working for me.

Another change I made in my skin care is that I'm using oils and serums to moisturize my skin and have noticed a difference. One of my favourite oils (besides coconut) is Argan and I'm using Primavera's Organic Argan Seed Oil. Another oil I love is Rosehip oil (I ran out and need to get more!). Another oil I want to try out is Avocado oil...heard it's lovely on the skin! :)

I don't like to wear foundation (only wore it maybe 5-6 times in my whole life) and prefer tinted moisturizers, BB creams or CC creams. I love La Roche-Posay's Anthelios XL tinted ultra-light fluid. I'd like to find a natural product for sun care (we don't have a good selection here in Croatia).

This next product I have mentioned on my blog and it's Nikel's Cocnut Butter. It's a multi purpose all over butter (a little goes a long way). I literally use it all over (body and face), all year's just gorgeous! The one I have doesn't have carrot oil in it (which is very beneficial for taking care of your skin in the summer months, a natural protection) and as soon as I use up the one I have I will buy this one.

I was thrilled to see Weleda's Skin Food available here in Zagreb (Muller). A little goes a long way, if you like creams or lotions that absorb into the skin right away than you probably won't like this...but like I said a little goes a long way and I used this mostly on dry patches, as a hand cream before I go to bed, elbows, feet even on my face when I fell a tad dehydrated. It does have a strong herbal/natural smell (typical of Weleda) which might bother some people...I personally love the smell...smells like the spa (not that I've ever been to a spa but that's how I imagine it to be).

There are some more skin card goodies I will share at a later date, lots of them are natural and organic which is what I prefer...not everything I use is but I try my best.

Anyhow, hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Melody Gramer said...

I have never thought to try coconut oil for removing makeup but I do use it as a moisturizer for my body and lips and it works great! The coconut oil I use does not have the coconut taste but either one is good as long as it is extra-virgin.
I also use ACV as a toner for my skin as it helps reduce redness that I get from rosacea. I also drink it to help regulate my blood sugar if I eat a big carb meal so I do not get a big insulin spike which causes me to crash from energy.
Thanks for sharing what skin care products work for you, I agree that using natural products work the best!

Evande said...

I am also a great lover for natural and organic products. Your list is too good. Thanks

Vesna said...

I bought almond oil the other day and started to remove my eye makeup with it. I'm so in love! <3
And I love your product selection, I see you're mostly into natural skin care products? :)

Jane said...

I do prefer natural, cruelty free products...I do my best but I wouldn't say everything I use is natural... :)