Saturday, June 1, 2013


Happy first of June! :)

I have been wanting to organize my pantry for the longest time so when my husband came home with paint I was so excited!!!!

Two days later and the excitement is gone!! LOL It's never ending!!!! I just want to give up!! While I'm cleaning and scrubbing I'm thinking of how I will organize it....where should I put what....what goes together...cans, pasta, cereal....

My husband and I jumped over to Bauhaus to grab a light for the pantry...nothing special....I wanted to check out their storage 'stuff'....didn't buy any baskets or containers just yet...I want to put all the stuff back in and see what storage containers I need (the size etc) but I did buy these goodies!! Elho spray bottle and watering can....there where some other Elho goodies that caught my eye. A Curver multi-pack (set of three containers) which I will be putting to use in my pantry.

I think I'm going to need another two days to finish this!!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. did you check out Eva's super cute tea bag project over on the Jane's Doodles blog?? I will announce the winner of my handmade buttons giveaway on Monday. :)
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Cazzy said...

I had to come and see closer! I thought you were going to put crafty stuff in the pantry at first!