Saturday, June 15, 2013

in town


I went into town (down town Zagreb) which I don't do often...almost never...just don't have the time!!  So it's always a treat when I go (especially alone!)...

I had a reason to was to visit Marina and Ivona of Dve Cvoke and Do!ts magazine for the first I decided a little brownie action was in order! :) Will share this recipe's so GOOD!

Dve Cvoke is a diy/arts & crafts paradise for young and old! It's a place totally devoted to creativity so of coarse I had to go and check it out!!!

So how cute is their chalkboard sign!! :)

Walking up the stairs you're greeted with adorable decor and chalkboard signs like this arrow sign! (that would be my shadow on the bottom right :)! )

Why all the dots....well who doesn't like polka dots!!! and Dve Cvoke means Two Dots (I thought it meant Two Chicks LOL)!

How cute is this Jurasic park! :) No worries....she's a friendly dinosaur! :)

I had a great time at Dve Cvoke!! Hope to be back there soon! :)

Since I was in town I swung by the Yves Rocher which is a French version of something like The Body Shop (and I miss The Body Shop...none in Croatia!!)...I heard so many awesome reviews on their Monoi Precious Dry Oil so it's been on my summer wish list!!

It smells divine!!!! and the shimmer is just gorgeous...I was a little worried because it looks like way too much gold shimmer but it's not....and it's a much cheaper version of the Nuxe dry oil (which I LOVE too).

I also bought their Shea Butter Repair Lotion (which is paraben free) for my goddaughter who is getting married in two weeks....she's having her shower tomorrow (part of her gift...girls gotta have soft skin on her wedding!!)....this smells soooooo GOOD and feels amazing on the skin...on my wish list!! I also got their strawberry perfume for Mia (it's yummy) and their Apricot Scrub out of sheer curiostiy.

Friday was also Jakov's last day at vrtić (jr. kindergarden)...6 kids from his group are going to school in the Fall so it was a huge party....such an awesome group of kids with two amazing teachers!!!

Here's Jakov and his child needs a hair cut! LOL

Here they are eating and scoping out the crowd! :)

Have a great day!!

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Daniela Dobson said...

I was wondering if you knew about that. I have been following Ivona for a long time. I am counting down the days for our home visit.

Marina said...

Thank you for coming :) I looooved the brownies and can't wait for the recipe :)
Hope to have you here in Dve Cvoke on regular basis ;)

Marina said...

Thank you for coming and for bringing brownies. Can't wait for the recipe :)
Hope to have you coming in Dve Cvoke on regular basis ;)