Monday, June 10, 2013

beauty goodies

Hope you had a lovely weekend!! We had great weather and went to Zagorje to visit our friends.

Well...this is the last week of school and I think I'm more excited than the kids are!!! NO MORE HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! Summer holidays are here and I wanted to share some of my beauty must haves for summer....please note that I'm no beauty guru....but I do enjoy beauty products, lotions and potions...  :) 
 So here are a few things that I MUST have this summer! .)

1. Coconut Oil
How I LOVE thee!!! I take off my make up and cleanse my face with this and I have seen a difference in my skin!! Just google it and you'll see all the uses and benefits of coconut oil (I love it on my toast too!).

2. Make up Factory nail polish in Marigold
I notice I'm having a thing for orange/coral this summer!! This is such a gorgeous pop of colour on my nails. I did notice at Muller the Rimmel Salon Pro 'Kate' nail polish in Reggae Splash that is similar...I heard this formula is pretty good so I think I'm going to check out if they have any blue shades!

LOVE LOVE this! I have a lot of hyperpigmentation (smack in the middle of my forehead!!) so it's very important that I use a high SPF and this one has vitamin C which lightens existing brown spots and prevents the formation of new far I'm loving it! It very moisturizing as well without being to rich or greasy.

This stuff is awesome!!! I used up my Stila Convertible Color in Peony and I swear the quality is just as good....although the packaging sucks but I will over look that because the product inside is awesome! Easy to blend....lasts for a long time. I bought Soft's a swatch..

I want to go back and get Soft Pink!

I L.O.V.E this!! This product is 100% natural and 100% Croatian! :) Besides Coconut it's got almond, cacao butter, olive, sesame, sunflower, carrot and vitamin E! It's very RICH so a little goes a long way and my skin is so soft!! My husband noticed! :)

I take off my eye make up with Bioderma Sesibio (coconut oil works too)..this is perfect for sensitive eyes...doesn't burn, irritate and it works great!

I don't wear a lot of make up especially in the's just too hot!! A tinted moisturizer or BB Cream (I'm using Clinique's and I LOVE it) is all I'll put on my face (and blush) but I do love lipsticks (hate lipgloss) and I'm loving this pop of colour on my lips! :)

Ok...that's it! Pop by the Jane's Doodles blog and check out Angeline's GORGEOUS card!!'ll love it! :)

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