Thursday, October 9, 2014

Klara's room

I'm so excited today to have a guest on my blog. My best friend Suzi! Personally I think she should have a blog of her own. She's creative and brilliant at everything she does and I'm hoping she'll be making more appearances here!

Today I'm sharing her daughter Klara's room...if Klara sounds familiar to some of you it's because she's the one I named my stamp set Tooth Fairy Klara after her.

 The photo's don't do justice to how beautiful, bright and airy Klara's room is (blame the camera) here we go!

Check out this wall that Suzi drew and painted the movement of the blossoms and leaves.

This owl here might also be familiar to some of you....I made this owl and also offered the template I created which you can find here.

You can never have enough owls!

The two owl shaped pillows is a diy project Suzi did herself and she found the inspiration here. The two other pillows are from Kika.

Klara's bedroom set (bed, closet and dresser), pink flower light and rug are from Ikea as are some of the lighting too. Did I mention Ikea is now in Zagreb!! I still haven't gone...I can't wait to check it out!

These sweet birdies are another diy created by Suzi! I LOVE them! 

And you can ever have enough pillows! :)

This cozy armchair is from Emmezetta.

I could just curl up in that armchair with a good book! 

I hope this little room tour inspired you! Next week I will share Klara's brother's room but I'll leave you with a sneak peek!

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Take care!

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