Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Hope all is well!

I wanted to thank someone...just a little something and came up with the idea of giving her a face mask and the perfect way (for me) to wrap it up is in a paper bag....a cute stamp, crochet heart tag and a little washi tape.

Stamps could come in handy for gift wrapping and I decided to stamp the paper bag with the sweet sleeping fox from my Hello Friend stamp set.

I really didn't need to add the crochet heart...it would have looked just as cute with only the wash tape but I have a lot of crochet hearts lying around so why not. :)

I'm also send this sweet trio to someone who's expecting. I crocheted two wash clothes to go along this ADORABLE drooly bib which is handmade by the talented Zrinka of Owls and Co. Her sewing skills are amazing! Pop by her Etsy shop...I have my eye on one of her handmade dolls for Mia!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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