Monday, September 22, 2014

in the mood to bake + more painting

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

I have to admit I didn't do much baking over the summer and with Fall here I find myself in the mood to do some baking! As usual I turned to Pinterest for ideas and are a few that caught my eye! 

Banana cake with cream cheese frosting!!

It's been forever since I've baked some oatmeal cookies.

I LOVE lemon anything!


Chocolate is my family's favourite dessert! :)

Over the weekend my hubby tacked another piece of furniture and did a fantastic job...again! :) He did the same (and used the same brand paint) with this piece as the boys little cabinet.
Again sorry for the crummy photos! :(

We also bought new hardware and it made all the difference! I wasn't planning on buying new hardware but when we were in Bauhaus buying the paint I spotted these and so glad I did! :)

Pop on over to the JD blog and check out Mariana's FABULOUS card!
Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Yum :) My Miss 14 is making pancakes right now but would love some of that banana cake and frosting.
Your furniture came up really well - very inspiring to tackle some of our older pieces and give them a new life.