Friday, September 26, 2014

friday favourites / wish list


It's time for my Friday Favourites which doubles up as my wish list too!

First up is this sleek and simple water bottle I spotted over at Eco Diva Beauty (my wish list there is crazy!). I definitely need to drink way more water!!!

Planning, list making and doodling is a must for me to stay friend told me to use my phone for that and I just can't! I need a 'book' to write it down. Pick up a book! Put those ipads and gadgets down!! lol! I know...I live in a cave but you will never see me read a book on one of those tablets or whatever they are. I'm passionate about this people...leave me be in my cave drawing on paper with my pencils and markers and reading real books! :)

So this planner here is perfect! And who doesn't like whales!;)

I bought these shoes at Bata. They're so comfortable so they're perfect for running errands, driving the kids etc.

And while I was buying those I spotted these!

I think everyone needs a Happy pillow on their bed...never go to bed mad!! :)

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Great choices. I am in a book club and I only read "real" books too :)

Bad Kitty said...

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