Thursday, September 11, 2014

#tbt + Nikola Tesla


How are ya doing? Good I hope!

It's #tbt (throw back Thursday) here on the blog and I'd like to share a trip I took with my family two years ago! :)

My oldest son was learning about Nikola Tesla and we wanted to take him to Tesla's home (which is now a museum) in Lika...and I'm so happy we did (it was my first time).
Lika is special to father's side are from's the feeling I get like 'blood is thicker than water'....something I can't explain but just feels like home.


Who is Nikola Tesla?? Well he is the man who lit up the world of coarse!

Here's a photo of my hubby and kids walking towards the house where Tesla was born.

Handsome if I do say so myself! :)

Google Nikola Tesla and have your mind blown away! This post would go on and on forever if I attempted to write about his genius mind, talent and achievements!

His home

His father was an orthodox priest and this is the little church next to their home.

It was amazing to see Marko's reaction to everything we saw...he read and learned about Tesla and then to actually see a bit of history..magical!

Inside Tesla's home is a museum filled with photos, articles, books, audios, films and some of his're not suppose to take photo's inside but I had to take some!

He was a bit of a 'mad scientist' if you will! :)

We hoped to visit this summer again on our way home from Vrsi but it was too late...but we'll be coming back again for sure. If you visit Croatia this HAS to be one of your won't be disappointed...especially if you're the nerdy type! ;)

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Take care!

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Cazzy said...

Wonderful photos, and it looks like a great day out.

Cazzy x

Teresa Doyle said...

I have only learned of Tesla in this past year, (I KNOW!) Very interesting person, indeed! Certainly a genius!!! I happen to enjoy museums also so I can appreciate your excitement. Glad I'm not alone... LOL
Beautiful pics.