Friday, September 11, 2015

friday favourites

This week was a blur!

School started!!!!!! And I'm as about as excited as my two oldest in the photo!

I have been running around buying supplies (even though we bought most of it before there are always bits and bobs missing). I also have been wrapping books with contact paper since Monday and I'm still not done! Contact paper people! It's a sticky situation!

On to my Friday favourites!

Love this cozy corner...good place to snuggle with a good book...and when I say snuggle I mean read the book...or snuggle it! ;)

It's time for me to bust out my crochet needles!

It's my oldest's birthday next weekend and since he loves oreos I was thinking of making some kind of Oreo cake....I think I'm going to just back my usual chocoalte cake and throw oreos into the batter and frosting. 
How adorable is this cake!

Have a lovely weekend!

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