Friday, December 26, 2014

friday favourites


Hope all is well! Did you have a lovely Christmas? I can't believe it's over. I was NOT ready for Christmas this year....I literally did my shopping the day before. I was overwhelmed with so many dead lines that I didn't get a chance to get all excited for Christmas....AND Mia and Jakov have ear infections but Jakov also has a fever so there! I'm going to get ready for xmas in JULY!! I'm not joking! Start making my cards, gift shopping, crafts...

Anyhow...on to my Friday favourites!! 
It's all abour GREY people! I love to wear grey, black, white/ mom always tries to get me to wear colour poor lady! lol! I just feel my best in these neautral and there I'll buy something with colour. 

I got a gift card from my husband and kids and I bought a grey thin knit sweater and grey (darker shade than the sweater) pants which inspired my Friday favourites! :)

I LOVE this shade and will be buying it! :) It's Essie's Miss Fancy Pants...if not for the colour you've got to buy it for the name! ;)

LOVE this space! LOVE the wood and neautral colours and I love when a space isn't cluttered with things. 

One of the latest trends in the paper crafting, card making world is using sequins....could easily become a hoarding problem! They are perfect to add to you cards, especially when making a shaker card!  

Cozy and grey!

I have not worn a watch since Marko's!!! 12 years! This one is just gorgeous..simple, grey with rose gold! So pretty! :)

Have a great day! 

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