Sunday, December 7, 2014

crochet scarf and cowl


I finally finished the scarf ! I did the crochet bean stitch and love how it turned out! It's 190 cm long.

I've started my first cowl and I'm using the same bean stitch. I have to go and buy more yarn...ran out of it...I never know how many balls of yarn to buy. I also saw a gorgeous plum colour yarn that would make a gorgeous cowl.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!
Home Alone is on tv tonight which means family movie night with lots of popcorn!


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Dotty Jo said...

How lovely! I wonder whether my new year resolution should be to take up knitting??? Jo x

Susie said...

Your scarf if beautiful. You've inspired me to make one. How many chain stitches did you begin with?

Bad Kitty said...

super je šal

maria f. said...

And now I know why that Pinterest photo of the non-decorated tree pleases you so much. Did you notice the tree skirt???