Monday, March 3, 2014

Laundry room

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I have been planning to start my spring cleaning and my washing breaking down got things rolling! So I started with my laundry room (which originally wasn't suppose to be a laundry room but a's such a long and stressful story...I wouldn't even know where to begin!)'s a small space but it totally works....most homes in Croatia have their washing machines and dryers in the bathroom and that's how it was for us until we decided to turn this space into a laundry room...nothing fancy but I'm happy with it. I do have some ideas for this room but for now it is what it is! :)  So I scrubbed, dusted, cleaned everything in there inside out!! And the washing machine is fixed! Sorry about the photos...there's no natural light in there and I got only one ceiling light.

I also crocheted a cute little rug....I feel an addiction coming along...crocheting with hemp! :) I just did a simple single crochet for the whole rug.

Behind the door to the right I keep the ironing board and vacuum cleaner.

I have now moved onto the hall closet and pulled everything out and....I feel like I'm drowning in clothes, sheet,! :)

Make sure to pop on over to the JD blog and check out Eva's gorgeous card using our Butterflies stamp set! .)


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Susie said...

I'm going to begin doing this same thing soon. Your room looks great. Love the rug, too.

Dea Cetinic said...

Looks beautiful!