Saturday, July 6, 2013

'window' shopping


One of the shops I like to pop into and have a look around is Living. I just recently found out that they have a website!! I live in a cave! LOL

Check out some of the stuff that caught my eye...

I love how these 3 mirrors look together.

Love the texture on this one.

Who doesn't love throw pillows!!! I want these!!!

LOVE these vases!

I need one of these...good storage and looks pretty on your table or kitchen counter! :)

LOVE this too!!

Cute vases!

These would make lovely pots or storage baskets!

I've been planning on making one of these 'signs'...trying to decide if I should paint on canvas or wood..I'm leaning towards wood.

I have this bowl (a gift from a friend).

Milk and sugar anyone?? :)

This is just the colour.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!
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