Monday, July 29, 2013

Life's a Beach!

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Here we go...continuing with my Croatia month! :)
The beach...ahhhhh the beach! :) When we go to Nin and Vrsi Mulo (where we stay with my aunt....Vrsi is about a 10 minute drive from grandmother is from Vrsi) we like to go to the local beaches and not the touristy ones...and I suggest if visiting Croatia find out where the local beaches are and check them out.

This beach here where you can see my feet!! LOL is the beach where my mom as a child went to...I LOVE's a sandy beach but in the water it's a mix of rock and sand.

Nin is also known for it's medicinal mud (peloid). It's located near the sandy Queen's beach and has been tested by thousands of people and is organized by one of Zadar's Health Institutions. It  treat various health issues such as rheumatic diseases, spinal deformalities, female infertility, skin disorders.....
My family had a go!! :) My husband couldn't get over how SMOOTH his skin was...he kept telling me to feel him up! LOL

I found this photo here! LOL my family wasn't as generous with the mud as this one! :)

This beach (below) is in Vrsi Mula (where my aunt is...she's three house up from this beautiful beach!!)...this is a pebble stone beach. (my two boys - Jakov the little shrimp standing in the water and Marko sitting next to him).

Mia jumped off this little pier about a million times! :)

We found this little treasure near the beach in Vrsi...Church of St. Jacob from the 11th youngest was very excited because his name is Jakov (Jacob in English).

And just down from this beautiful church is a beach called the Coast of St. Jacob....Jakov thinks he owns the joint! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post...of coarse there's more to come! :) And there'll be a pop quiz at the end...just kidding...maybe a giveaway! :)


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Susie said...

As always, love to read these posts. The beaches look lovely and the little Church is beautiful.

Miriam Prantner said...

What fun you guys had! I love how blue the water is! I am not good with my European geography and so I actually googled a map of Nin to see where you guys were as at first I thought it was a lake beach. How lovely to be so close to the ocean! Thanks so much for expanding my horizons!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. Looks lovely. I beat Jakov thinks its all his - what little boy wouldn't if his name was on everything. TFS.