Friday, June 14, 2013

school is out!!

Last day of school!!!!

This came in the mail....I'm just warning you prepared for very unprofessional, amateur-ish, low tech Jane's Doodles videos!!! LOL I'm not good with 'computer' stuff .... I just don't have the patience but I will try and do some videos....we'll see! :)

So I finished my pantry now I am going through all our closets....I have clothes all over the house....literally...Lord I hope no one popsby unexpectedly!LOL
My favourite spot to fold clothes is in Mia's girly and I LOVE sitting on her shaggy rug! :)

The other day I made gnocchi...........I L.O.V.E gnocchi!!! I buy it frozen (my aunt makes awesome homemade gnocchi...gotta get her recipe) and I just sauted some onion and garlic in olive oil for a bit, threw in my mushrooms, salt, pepper, parsley and covered it to cook the mushrooms (which doesn't take long)...then added some cooking cream..let it boil over and that's simple but I just LOVE it! :)

Have a great weekend...I've got lots planned, lots to do!!
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