Monday, April 10, 2017


I had a lovely weekend. The weather felt more like summer than spring but I'm not complaining.

My mama sent me some happy mail and in it was some Zoya nail polishes. I LOVE this one (comes off a little lighter in the photo). It's called Eastyn. 

I also went to Ikea with my girlfriend. 

I tried this piece of goodness, can't remember what it's called but it's literally a snickers bar in cake form! My girlfriend had the carrot cake, also yum.

I started to crochet a throw for the sofa. It's going to take forever. :)

I worry way too much. I worry about the past, present and future and it's a horrible way to live. Wasting so much time on worrying and missing out on life. I'm working on's hard but I do have different things that relax me like crocheting. Another is my faith. This one brings me comfort. :)

A little fyi for my crafty friends. We're having a Jane's Doodles blog hop featuring my Plants set tomorrow.


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