Wednesday, April 19, 2017

naturisimo happy mail

Naturisimo is one of my favourite on line shops for natural beauty. The customer service is great and quick delivery (they are based in the UK). They deliver worldwide. 
Besides carrying so many gorgeous products their packaging is beautiful and eco friendly.

Before I talk about the yummy lipstick I ordered I want to share the samples I got. I bought Schmidt's Tea Tree deodorant (a mini) for my son and husband to try out (they really like it so far) and I got a mini in Rose Vanilla (my daughter and I love this one).
I've always been curious about these two REN products and I got a little sampe of Vapour's concealer.

So the main reason for this little order of mine is this GORGEOUS lipstick! I've been eyeing Axiology lipsticks for a while now and decided to treat myself with Devotion which is described as 'a copper burnt-sugar base and an echo of rose quartz, Devotion is the girl-crush of natural-look lovers. Its buttery luster keeps lips flawlessly moisturized and supple.'

This is not a colour I usually tend to wear but I wanted a little something different.

The packaging is gorgeous. 

The colour is beautiful and it wears amazingly. I'm surprised how long it lasts on my lips for such a moisturizing lipstick. I LOVE it and you know what this means now.......I need more!! Well I don't need more...I WANT more! Axiology has recently come out with Lip Crayons!! I LOVE me a crayon!


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