Tuesday, December 15, 2015

xmas stocking fillers

I thought I would share some Christmas gift ideas, perfect stocking fillers. This is all about skin care....which I'm kinda obsessed with. I love body lotions and butters, oils, lip balms......

First up how adorable is this little make up bag!

I love these little sets which you can also make into seperate gift. Pair one up with some yummy chocolates or tea....perfect! :)

I bought a few of these Caudalie duo's for gifts.

Everyone could use some lip balm during the winter month. My favourites are Hurraw, Burt's Bees and EOS.

I LOVE Weleda's Skin Food. I literally put this anywhere my skin is feeling dehydrated, dry or sensitive...I'm talking face, hands, feet, elbows....pair this baby with a lip balm and it makes a sweet gift!

This 'wonder' balm is on my shopping list. A great multi purpose natural balm.

My daughter is only 10 but I see she's becoming very interested in my make up. I let her wear some for fun of coarse which got me to thinking about the teenage girls in my family who are just starting out in make up a cute and eco friendly brush set like this one is perfect. I would have loved to received a gift like this when I was a teenager but my father was really, really strict and I wasn't allowed to wear a stitch of make up. I started when I was 19.

Tis' the season to bust out your gold and glittery nail polishes! :)

I'm sending my mom a Christmas card and I added a few Lavera face masks and chocolates. Not too bulky to send through the mail.

I also LOVE Apivita face masks and this is one of my favourites.

I blogged about this body oil before, it's smells so good and your skin is velvet AND it's affordable!

Mia's been taking baths lately and I'm going to surprise her with some Lush bath balls.

I'll share some more ideas tomorrow. And I just want to say, while gift giving is fun it's NOT the reason for Christmas. I really try to stress this to my kids. It's very easy to get carried away and honestly stress ourselves out especially if you're on a tight budget. That's why I will also share some handmade gift ideas too.

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