Tuesday, December 8, 2015

bean stitch cowl


I finally finished my crochet cowl and it's ready for sale! :) It's in a camel colour (below)
posted about crocheting, how I learned and what it means to me. I NEED to crochet...you know what I mean.  I have been thinking about selling my crochet projects and 
I wanted to send my cowl to someone who will be honest about what they thought of it.....really honest. I'm sure many of you know Valentina Fussell of House of Valentina. I thought she would be perfect! We knew each other on line and I just always drool over how stylish she is! So I asked her if I could send her my cowls and for her to tell me what she thought and lucky me she said yes! Not only did she say yes she sent me some gorgeous photos wearing them! :)

I made the cowls using the bean stitch which is probably my favourite crochet stitch! This stitch isn't difficult BUT it is a time consuming stitch! The cowls I made are not ones that you could whip up in a single evening, or weekend. The thickness of the yarn I used is for a 3 or 3.5 needle so it's not a thick and chunky yarn. The thicker the yarn the fast your cowl or scarf will be finished. I love chunky yarn but haven't found one I like yet.

She could make anything look good!

My cowls are more loose fitting and no two are alike! LOL! I hate measuring and I eyeball everything. :) It's loose around the neck.

Valentina told me that she 'loves my cowls and wears them pretty much every day!' 

So the cowl I'm selling is the camel coloured one below (we're having foggy, blah weather and I just can't get a good photo of it so I'm using the one below which was taken while I was working on it).  I used a soft acrylic wool. Hand wash or machine wash cold (30) and gently cycle, lay flat to dry (do NOT put in dryer). 
The cowl's circumference is approx. 36 inches and height is 13 inches. 
The price for the camel cowl is $40 plus $10 shipping.

Each stitch is infused with love. Crocheting brings me such joy.

If you are interested in buying this cowl email me at janebeljo@yahoo.ca
I will add the cowl to my Etsy shop by tomorrow where I hope to add more cowls and scarves in the future.

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