Tuesday, November 3, 2015

made in Croatia

 I just LOVE it when I find quality products made here in Croatia and I thought I would share a few. These things are on my wish list. With Christmas coming soon these would make pretty awesome gifts! ;)

I've already shared this on one of my Friday favourites and it's Urban Watch. I haven't owned a watch since my oldest was born. I had accidently scratched him with my watch (poor little bunny) and took it off and never put it back on (gave it to my cousin).
And good news to all my international readers, Urban Watch provides FREE worldwide shipping!

Problem is I can't make up my mind on which I like most! Maybe I'll just have to resort to eeny meeny miny moe!

Marina's handmade ceramics make me smile! I'm lucky to own one.

  I want to get a cute bowl for Mia's room. Or a plate to hang on the wall (if you tell her you want the plate to hang on the wall she makes the necessary adjustments). She's super talented, friendly and speaks English!

Check out Marina's etsy shop Marinski Heartmades.

If you follow my blog and/or instagram than you'll know I prefer natural cosmetic brands. I recently stumbled upon Cosmel and hope to try some of their products.

Adorable packaging...I'm a sucker for packaging but it all comes down to the product inside.

Last is Mustra. I LOVE their quirky, adorable t-shirts.
I have my eye on a few of them. 

I think this one below is my favourite and loosely translated it says 'when will winter come so I could hug you'. Cute right?! 

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