Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I could easily crochet the day away! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to crochet! 
One Christmas (I can't remember how old I was...not even 10) my grandma (my father's mother) came to Canada to visit us. I was on Christmas holidays and my grandma taught me the basics. She left and I never picked up the hook again! LOL!
Until my father passed when I was 21. I couldn't sleep at night....I lost both my grandma (who taught me) and my father within 24 hours. I lived with my grandma. Night's were hard for me. I felt lonely and sad. Walking in town one day I came across a shop with yarn and long story short crochet helped me through a very difficult time and I haven't stopped since.

I made this scarf for my friend Vesna (who's newly on the JD design team) when she moved to Sweden. I used the bean stitch (which is pretty much my favourite at the moment) to make this scarf.

Looks pretty eh? :) Mind you Vesna's gorgeous so she could wrap bakers twine around her neck and make it look good! :)

I hope to make a few cowls to add to my etsy shop. 


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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Jane.