Friday, October 16, 2015

friday favourites

Happy FriYAY!

Let's jump right into my favourites!

These babies have been on my wish list forever!! I don't know why I LOVE these boots so much but I do! LOVE! And with all the rain we're getting ( won't stop...can't remember the last time we had sun!) these babies would have come in handy!

This looks easy enough and I've got lots of apples laying around!

LOVE! I have not worn a watch since my oldest was born....13 years ago! The watch I did wear I gave a way long long time ago. Now I want this one! ;)

A dream of mine would to live on my own little farm! This kitchen reminds me of that. I'm so not a city girl. Give me some hunter boots and I'll be in the garden, collecting eggs from my chickens...ahhh to daydream!

Pop on over to the JD blog and check out Carisa's gorgeous card using my Autumn Blessings stamp set which is on sale!


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Vesna said...

As I said, I love my Hunter boots! They are really good! But here, which is surprising, we don't have that much rain, LOL! :D