Thursday, January 8, 2015

favourites - FOTD


I wanted to share some favourites of 2014 and I'll start with my face! :)

This is pretty much what I wear on my face on a daily FOTD which means face of the day (took me such a long time to figure out that one!). I don't like to wear lots of make up, hate wearing foundation, powder...pretty much never wear it.

Andalou SPF 30 serum (love) I MUST wear minimum of SPF 30 (hyperpigmentation) - Vitacost.

If I'm going to be running errands then I'll top Andalou with Nuxe's BB cream (it only has a SPF of 8?? That is the only bad thing I have to say about this BB cream...and the fact that it only has two shade of which I wear the lightest and if you're very fair skinned I think it will be too dark).

For under eye circles, around the ol' schonz I use RMS Beauty's Un Cover Up - Naturissimo.

I use Bourjois's Ultra Care mascara. I have sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate them. I want to try Lavera's mascara once I'm done with this one.

I go back and for and sometimes blend Ilia's In My Room (love the colour, lasts on the lips but it takes a bit of work to get it on the lips) and Logona's Double Lip Pencil in 01. I LOVE the Logona Double Lip Pencil and want to get other shades - Love Lula.

When my cousin came to visit from Canada her brought me Tarte's blush in Exposed and it's pretty much all I've been wearing. 

Lush's Vanillary solid perfum is my FAVOURITE! 

All the Christmas 'stuff' is coming down. With all the deadlines I had and sick kids, hubby in the hospital Christmas slipped past me. I didn't even got the Christmas mass because I was home with Jakov (who was sick...and then the next day Mia got sick...then Marko...).

I'm saying goodbye to this Christmas tree. I bought it the first Christmas after my father passed I was 21 (I'm 40 now). I lived in a one bedroom apartment and this tree looked HUGE in it! lol! It looks tiny in our home now.  It's been falling apart the last few Christmas's and looks a tad shabby...looking forward to buying a new tree...or maybe we'll go with real tree's.

Pop on over to the JD blog and check out Alice's FAB card.

 and join me here tomorrow for a Spotlight Blog Hop featuring my stamp set Seamus! :)


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Teresa Doyle said...

That is such a CUTE card and your colouring is great!
Your tree looks so cute. I have NEVER had a 'faux Christmas tree', LOL, but at 55 I am seriously thinking about it! (WITH LIGHTS!) I am finding it harder with each passing year to put them on!