Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hope all is well! 

This year Ikea is opening it's doors in Croatia (Zagreb)....finally!!! We use to go to Austria's Ikea to shop which actually wasn't too was like a road trip. Ikea should be open I believe this spring/summer. My friends went to the Ikea in Austria last month and brought me back a catalogue...I've got my wish list people! I also went on line to check what else they've got.

Our home is far from done....our porch is unfinished...our living room, kitchen/dining room need new furniture. The most pitiful room has to be our living looks like a BAD garage sale! LOL! It's a mish mash of old hand me downs...just old and out dated....we do hope to buy new furniture but any home improvements have come to a full stop...the recession in Croatia just won't let up and seems to keep getting worse so...I figured I would put these pictures up in hope that one day they can be my reference to the 'Before' photos! One good thing about our living room is I don't care if the kids spill anything! :)

This photo is taken from my hall way....

And this one from our kitchen/dining room....I hate our TV situation (first of all...are we the only ones who still don't own a flat screen! LOL)'s too high and not comfortable to watch....

I really LOVE these rugs...perfect colour and size for our living room

I like the shape of this sofa...not sure about the colour...the colours we like are very neutral and I LOVE texture....

Also I really like this.......

LOVE this chair!!!

And here are other goodies that caught my can find all the links on my Pinterest here.

Anyhow...make sure to pop by the Jane's Doodles blog to check out Mariana's adorable card!
Have a great day! 

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Vesna said...

IKEA! We've been waiting for so long! Hurry up! :D