Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nin part 3 - Church of St. Nicholas


I'm back with more Nin!! :)

I'd like to share some photo of the beautiful Church of St. Nicholas (Crkva Sv. Nikole). Every summer we come here and every summer I have to snap a million pictures!!

This historical treasure is located in the fields of Prahulje. Seven kings were crowned in Nin and each crowned ruler rode on horseback to the Church of St. Nicholas to be presented to the people!

The sunset on this very spot is breathtaking!!

If I had super hero powers I would lift this beautiful church and put it next to my house and turn it into my office...huh...what do you think??! LOL

It was a special visit this time around because my oldest learned all about this church and the Croatian rulers so for him to actually be able to see and was awesome!

Have a great weekend!

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Miriam Prantner said...

Beautiful photos! What a wonderful treasure that church is! I'm loving how much I am learning about Croatia...I need to get a book from the library!

Susie said...

Your photos are wonderful. I hope you have more posts you will do about your travels.

Ger said...

Hvala for these gorgeous photographs and posts! I'll be driving along the Croatian coastline a week today, these pictures are making me really look forward to my holiday! Ger x

Michelle said...

Amazing! What a great church, and what a wonderful history! :-)