Tuesday, May 2, 2017

swatch it - vapour organic beauty

So I made a little order at Naturisimo. My husband and son both like Schmidt's Tea Tree deodorant (I bought the travel size for them to test out).

I also ordered a sample of Vapour's Mesmerize Eye Color in Flash. It is GORGEOUS!!!

The only problem is I have really REALLY dark eye circles (always have and it seems they're getting darker as I get older) and to show you I'm sharing this photo of me on my wedding day (I'm looking down so you can see my eye lids). I'm not wearing a stitch of eyeshadow!!! I've had girls ask me what shade I wear on my lids! LOL! 

It doesn't show up on my eye lids so I tried putting it on my cheeks and it gives me a nice sun kissed look! I actually really love it. It blends like butta! Just gorgeous! I wish I had normal eye lids! lol.


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