Monday, February 20, 2017


I wanted to share some photos of this gorgeous Zasu bracelet my bff gifted me for my birthday.
Zasu jewelry is made up of semi precious stones, lava and rudraksha beads. This gorgeous brand is Croatian, they ship worldwide (free shipping for Croatia) and they are super friendly too.

 My bracelet is called Archangel Jophiel who is the archangel of wisdom, understanding, and judgment. The energy this braclete gives is creativity, love and courage. Whether you believe in the energy of precious stones or not, you have to admit they make for beautiful jewelery. :)

I love that they offer different sizes (mine is a small).

As you can see below you can chooose between lava and rudraksha beads and I'm gonna have to get myself one with lava beads too.

These two are on my wish list.

I love my bracelet. Thank you Suzi!

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