Tuesday, December 13, 2016

cosmel - tri care cream

If you follow me on instagram you'll know about the Cosmel and Jane's Doodles giveaway! To play along click here (it's open to Croatian residents). And you'll also know I'm a fan of Cosmel products. I've blogged about it hereherehere and here!

Cosmel is giving away 5 Tri-Care Creams and along with these creams you'll get a Christmas card kit made by me, all stamped, coloured and ready for you to cut out and put together (more on that tomorrow).

I thought it a perfect time to give my review on this cream. I used up the whole jar. I actually got this cream by accident (about a year ago). I asked the sales lady (at Lavanda Mia) for the eye cream and she gave me this...I didn't even look in my bag until I got home and realized it's not the eye cream (which is one of my favourite Cosmel products). Because it says it's also to be used around the eyes I figured I would just use it for my eyes and also test it out on my face too.

In short this is a beautiful cream perfect for sensitive skin (I would think any skin type except for maybe really oily skin). It's so gentle and nourishing. That is one thing I notice about all of Cosmel's products is that they are so nourishing.

I mostly used it for my eyes and neck (because I already have my face oils and creams) but I did use it on my face for a good two weeks to see how my skin would respond. All in all it left my skin soft and hydrated. Didn't leave my skin feeling oily at all (I had my skin tested and it's pretty much normal, a little dehydrated. During hot months I would say it's combo skin). Didn't irritate my eyes. I also used it on my husband. He has some redness ( mostly around the hair line) and this cream was perfect for him.

This cream is made up of organic oils like almond, grape seed, apricot, peanut, marigold, linden, geranium, lavader oils.  It also contains vitamins A, E and F. It helps with wrinkles and dark circles. Accelerates the formation of collagen, soothes, tones and softens skin. I has medium UV protection.

More about the giveaway tomorrow.
I know I'm writing in English. First, most Croatians know English (svaka čast) and my Croatian is horrible BUT if you have any questions about my post just ask (samo pitajte)!


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