Wednesday, January 27, 2016



I thought I would share what I'm loving lately. This is pretty much my 'everyday' make up (I don't really wear a lot of make up anyway...never wear eye liner or eye shadow).

I always put on some kind of BB or CC cream to even out my skin tone. I have really bad pigmentation (started when I was pregnant with Mia) and I never use to wear sun screen so you can imagine the damage!! 

I'm really really loving derma e's BB cream except for one thing....the colour! I find it to have this weird grey or white tint to it....hard to explain but there's no pink or yellow in it. I think it's like they were trying for a neutral tone. For me it would have been perfect with a bit of yellow tone in it. It works fine once I blend it in (I use my fingers). As far as the coverage and ingredients it's a dream but I don't think I'll be buying it again just because of the colour which I'm pretty upset about since everything else about it is pretty perfect (for me).

I can't live without concealer for my dark under eye circles and I go back and forth from 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer and RMS Beauty Un cover Up. LOVE both and will continue to use both! I do have to make sure to moisturize my under eyes really good when I use the Brightening concealer.

I'm also LOVING 100% Pure's mascara and Lip & Cheek Tint (I'm using Peach Glow). First of all the packaging is so friggin ADORABLE and the smell...I can't get enough of the smell! The Lip & Cheek Tint last all day on me and it looks so natural and it's so easy to blend (use my fingers...don't have time to wash brushes).

I LOVE Lavera's lip and eyebrow penscils. So soft, not drying. My favourite lip pencil is 01 Rose and I combine it Terra Naturi's 02 Rosewood for a my lips but better. This lipstick is so affordable. I wasn't expecting much but it's awesome!

So this is what I smear on my face to make me look awake! :) 


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Fikreta said...

great products!
but Im sure you are look very pretty without this products.
Bad Kitty's Craftroom

sassy said...

Rms korektor je odlican i stvarno vrijedi svake kune! Bas sam razmisljala da si uzmem tu bb kremu,ali sad sigurno necu jer to sivilo zezne kompletan make up...Ne znam jesi li probala andalou naturals bb kreme (nema tog sivog tona pa bi ti mozda bolje odgovarale)?
Moja sestra se rjesila pigmentacijskih mrlja sa stvarno super proizvodima bez groznih sastojaka u njima (andalou naturals serum s kurkumom i isti gel za ciscenje lica + koristila je benton kremu i serum i jos bravura london kiseline za lice).Nakon 5mjeseci koristenja stvarno se razlike jako vide i sada ima jos samo 2ili 3 male mrljice....Sorri na ovolikom komentaru

Jane said...

Hey Sassy! Hvala puno na info!! Već pratim Andalou neko vrijeme...imam wish list pa baš ću pogledati. I samo ti komentiraj! :)