Friday, November 14, 2014

a happy customer

Hope all is well!

I just wanted to share one of my customer's describing her first shopping experience with Jane's Doodle and thankfully it's all good! ;) It's in French so I got my husband to translate and basically she said she was pleased with the quick shipping and was delighted with the way I wrapped her purchase and the little added surprise...a little thank you from me!

I also want to say again to all my customers thank you for understanding and being patient with my transition. Some of you have received your stamps with no insert card and this is because Judith use to print out the insert cards but her printer isn't working and because she's stepped down she had to send me (and still is sending me) my stamps so the older ones don't have insert cards.

I'll be back later today with my Friday favourites!

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Anonymous said...

I too have received my stamps and adore the handmade heart that you send with each one. I love the stamps, in fact, I will be playing with them today!
TK Watson