Wednesday, August 20, 2014

happy mail + sweet little giveaway

Hope all is well!
I screwed up my back (which is very easy to do since I have a bad back) yesterday mowing my neighbours lawn so a lot of moans and groans from me today! ;)

I received some happy mail yesterday! My sweet little pot arrived created by the talented (and super nice) Marina Marinski! This is my first purchase but not my last...I want to buy a plate to hang in my daughter's room and I need another little something for my office...or bedroom...

Marina's got an Etsy shop filled with her wonderful handmade ceramics.
Like I mentioned she's super friendly and her English is awesome (for all those non-Croatian folks wondering).

 You can find her sweet ceramics all the way in Australia (among other countries) and I just love following her success and creations! 

And here's my sweet little ceramic pot, perfect home for my succulent plant! LOVE her rosy cheeks! I'll have to name this pot...any suggestions! :) She's made her home on my kitchen window sill where I spend a lot of time.

Marina's also on facebook!

The latest I read is that you can now find her ceramics in Vancouver Canada too!

I had sent her some of my stamps a while back and she was sweet enough to send me this adorable ceramic brooch. I've decided to pass her generosity and do a little giveaway! :)

So if you'd like to win this Marina Marinski handmade ceramic brooch please leave a comment and I'll randomly choose a winner. Everyone is welcomed to play a I hope you do! :)

Have a great day!

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Alba said...

Love Marina's ceramic! And your pot looks awesome with your plant!!
The brooch is sooo nice, so I want to participate!!!! Thanks for the chance to win this cuteness!
Alba (Spain)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable pot(s). Love the one you chose.
Gorgeous brooch to.
Thanks for sharing your holiday pics (I'm catching up!).
You are very generous. :)

Anonymous said...

well that's adorable :3
Josipa (Croatia)

Mystique said...

Perfect! I love Marina's work...

Lucija (Croatia)

Martina Hećimović said...

Beautiful bird, beautiful bird, please sit on my shoulder and whisper that you will be mine... :)

Anonymous said...

I have few pieces of Marina's incredible art...this one is so cute...want that one too ♡

Catina said...

So adorable! I am a HUGE fan of Marina's work, it is so lovely!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Greatings from Macedonia! I wonder if this brooch will make a turn around the world all the way to Skopje :))
Love, Ana Pop Stefanija

Maleni Miš said...

Oooow,love it :) hello from Serbia :)
Marija Stepanovic Dinic

~amy~ said...

awwwwww...her stuff is amazing....soooo cute. I have a thing for ceramics. Love little dishes to drop things into...rings etc.

Diana Hernández said...

Love her items! I hope when I get my own home buy things from etsy to make it look wonderful!

Saying Hi from Costa Rica! =)

Sue D said...

Love your sweet rosy pot and cute brooch!

Carmela said...

Love love love!
Carmela (Italy)

Marine Duteil said...

Next step will be for you to do a stamp with a 'Marina Marinski design' and for Marina to do another ceramic brooch with one of your 'stamp design'! That'll be an interesting suite in the trade :)
All the very best for the future!!

SueB said...

love. Love. LOVE the pot and thanx for the blog candy opp as the brooch is SWEET!

Anonymous said...

lovely little bird!! <3 Maja (Croatia)

Laura Turcotte said...

That is such a pretty pot---your plant looks happy!
Thanks for the chance fore the brooch---so purty!

My heart is here said...

Oh how pretty it is!

Dotty Jo x said...

What a pretty pot! And thanks for a chance to win that adorable brooch! I must check out her website, Jo x

Denise Bryant said...

This is just adorable! Thanks for sharing! Darling brooch!

Charlotte said...

It is sooooo awesome to visit here, always such beautiful work

Marine Duteil said...

Hello Jane,

I am sure I am not the only one wondering but I have to ask, when will you pick the person for this beautiful give away? You didn't say in your post... :/
I am sorry to be impatient, I am actually really curious :)

Many thanks again for the opportunity,

All the best wishes from London :)

Marine x