Tuesday, July 15, 2014



Well this is a first blog post for me...empties! :) For those who don't know I'm a bit of a skin care and make up fanatic! BUT I don't collect or buy a lot of it and usually when I'm happy with something I stick with it. If there is something new I want to try out then I do my research (especially if it's a little pricier). 

I have been holding on to some of this stuff for months (to get a decent collection).
I have to say that all of these empties I would re purchase, love them all. Out of the bunch the Novexpert is the most expensive and don't think I'll be buying it for a while because of the price but I L.O.V.E it! It's a mask and scrub in one (if you don't like a gritty scrub than this is not for you).



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