Friday, May 9, 2014

friday favourites


Hope all is well!
It's been very stressful the past 2's hard to watch family dealing with sickness...I haven't been able to concentrate on much lately...doing a lot of praying. If you are the praying type I ask for your prayers.

TGIF!! Can I get an Amen! 
And can you believe I'm posting my Friday favourites...on a Friday! :)

As soon as I saw this pin I knew it was something I was going to try!! Later today I'm going to go and buy some clay and give it a go this weekend! I have worked with Fimo but never this air drying first attempt was this bunny and it turned out pretty cute! :)

I'm really loving yellow accents in the home lately. So bright and cheerful! I believe this pillow is from Etsy.

I LOVE to's therapy for me! And this gorgeous colour block pillow is something I'd love to try!

I just LOVE this mug from Anthropologie!! I'm fine with the price....but not to fine with the $55 shipping charge! :( So I have no choice but to buy a plain white mug and paint it myself! 

Well..that's it for now...if you haven't joined our JD blog hop (we're giving away our newest stamp sets TEArrific and Springyou still have time!

Have a great weekend!

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Ирина Дягилева said...

Ах, какая кружечка!