Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hope you all are doing well!

It's cold here in Zagreb...this morning it read (in my car) -15...but I like it! :)
So here's an update on what's going on...obviously getting ready for Christmas...I've been hitting the shops looking for gift....the other day I literally stood infront of this Faber-Castell display for 30 minutes!!

I've also been doing some crafty projects with this tent for her Pet Shop gang...I will add the link to this tutorial (Mia found it).

Been busting out the sparkly nailpolish lately! :)

I had some grey yarn left over so I tried to crochet a skirt for the tree....never did a circle and obviously did a horrible job! LOL but it'll do for now...until I figure it out...

Every year I help my son's preschool group raise money for those in are some cards my kids made....I also make a bunch of cards at home and give it to them to sell (and the church)....

As far as Jane's Doodles stamp....well they have reached the shop (which means they arrived at Judith's in Australia) and now Judith will send them to our DT so we'll be ready for our next release soon...I'm thinking beginning of January! :)  Judith and I are working on some stuff...can't wait to share....and don't forget....


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~amy~ said...

awesome stuff....I love your tree skirt!

Nancy said...

Such a FUN post! Love all your projects, especially the tent for the Pet Shop Gang! Looks so cozy:)