Thursday, September 1, 2011

I LOVE beauty products!

I have a confession.....I LOVE beauty products!!!!
Make up, creams, body mists, nail polish, make up and more make up!!! :)

I have combination sensitive skin with some dryness on my checks and I have struggled with finding a cleanser that's going to deep clean but not irritate my skin.......

LOVE this cleanser!!! My face is finally happy! :) I read this and totally agree.

I found this video on how to make your own pore can actually see the gunk on the strip...ewww! :)

I also got my hands on this...

I have recently discovered Sigma on the internet ( tried this last night and my skin is buffed, smooth and happy!!! You have 3 rotating brushes...the pink being the softest for your face. The pink and white for your body and the white bristles are for those rough patches..elbows..
I so LOVE the box too! :) Oh and it's $39.00 US and international shipping is great AND it got her in a jiff! :)
I got a list of make up brushes that I want...the prices are awesome...I have a few Mac brushes and I have to say they cost more than I'd like to pay. I LOVE make up...but don't get me wrong..I don't wear alot...but this is a topic I want to share on the beauty finds...'what's in my make up bag'..etc. Just giving you a heads up! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Jay Gee said...

Thanks Jane... am going to try that homemade 'pore' strip.

Kelly Booth said...

I have sensitive dry skin too and that is the lotion I use.....LOVE it!!!

Cristina said...

Oh no! I love make-up/beauty stuff, too. And now you've made me want the Sigma polishing kit! Hmmmm, I have a birthday coming up, so it might be going on the list.