Wednesday, July 1, 2009

guess which colour?!

today we're going to go buy some shelves for my craft space in the basement.......the basement is still not finished and won't be for some time but it's totally a workable environment (my sister-in-law has her desk down there (she's an architect) our basement has a separate entrance.......anyways, don't have time for details but I mentioned before that I'm moving all my stuff down there and I'm so excited that I'll have a space to do my work without worrying about the mess and kids getting into it all! I'll take picture when I'm all set up.

Can you believe it's July!!!!!!!! I can't! I've been working on some fimo buttons and I'm planning on having another giveaway very soon! I've learned my lesson and doing a few things first making the darn buttons THEN posting a giveaway so that when I pick my winners the buttons are all ready to be shipped off right away!
I have to's not a lie when they say 'practice makes perfect'.........while my buttons aren't perfect they are getting better!

I'm using a colour I haven't yet used........can you guess which one???? ;)
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Rose said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog :) About the spikey thing - it's called a flower frog (I discovered that term when I finally found it!) I got mine on an etsy site - robertagrove - but if you search for flower frogs on the site, or in Google, I'm sure it will come up with LOTS! Have a great day!

Randee E said...

Hi Jane! What a fun blog you have! And your work is absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE your style :0) and the homemade buttons are so fun!! I love the bright colors. I would guess the color you haven't used yet is black or white, but I'll go with white :0) I'm adding myself as a follower to your blog :0) Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! You asked where I got my spiky thing I photograph my cards on-I call it a flower spike, and I searched for a while before I found one at a local antique market. The funny thing is that once I found one I started finding them at opportunity shops (that's what we call charity shops in Australia), for next to nothing. I have 3 now and the cheapest one cost me only $2! Your cards are lovely, too! :)