Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scribble This! Challenge

I'm so sorry for the mistakes I made trying to link this post to Lisa's challenge........I told you that I don't get along with computers!! ;)

Hi! I figured I enter this card in Lisa's Scribble This! Challenge too. It's cold, grey and damp here in Zagreb and I too these photos yesterday early morning. Lisa's instructions are so easy to follow! Believe me....I have issues when I need to copy and paste something!

Here are my handmade Fimo buttons......I think I'm going to go back and fiddle with the adjustments on this photo some more when I find a little free time but a huge improvement don't you think!!
Anyways, the kids are up and are demanding breakfast and my FULL ATTENTION!!

Have a great day!
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Jackie said...

I just love your buttons! I have had my clay for so long it's gone bad but I may get a few more blocks and try my hand at some of these.

Debbie said...

Love those buttons, the bright colors and those cute shapes, adorable! Made some of my own a while ago and it really was so much fun:-) But I'm no way near as good as you though...will be practicing of course

GardenChic said...

your fimo buttons are to die for! so cute!

love Jody,