Friday, November 13, 2015



What a wonderful surprise I got this morning! Mr. Postman brought me a box full of kind goodness from the amazing Jennifer McGuire!
I'm sure most of you already heard about Jennifer's share handmade kindness challenge this month. If not pop on over to her brand gorgeous new website and find out what it's all about!

I am happy to say that I do share handmade kindness. Just this morning I received this email from a super friendly lady from France. I sent her a card and some yummy chocolates!

Hello Jane!

Thank you! :))))))

Oh this is so cute, you are so nice :)

I laughed when receiving your parcel! I love the concept of the card with the chocolates! 

I know what will accompany my tea this morning !

I'd like to eat the card too, it looks yumi!! :)

Thank you again! You are really kind too :)

Have a nice day!

Anne Sophie Douard

Product Manager

OZ International

I hope she doesn't mind that I shared a bit of her email. But it felt awesome that I made her laugh today.

Thank you Jennifer for sending this sweet package to me and for being pretty darn awesome! I of  coarse will join this challenge and share what I do!

I also encourage everyone to spread a little kindness.


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Dotty Jo x said...

So happy for you! Jo x

Bad Kitty said...

it must to be nice when you recive your happy mail!
have a great day