Friday, October 2, 2015

friday favourites

Happy FriYAY! :)

I am totally embrassing Fall! I do really love Fall...actually I love all the seasons and I can't pick a favourite...well maybe summer because school is out! ;)

I started crocheting and I have a list of projects I'd love to crochet but time will dictate how much I'll get done...I can literally crochet the day away.

I LOVE this shawl. How cosy to wrap yourself up in one of these on the sofa with a warm drink, lights dim, candles burning with a good book or watching a movie. Did I get ya in the mood or what!?! 

Another thing I love about Fall are the yummy fall dishes! 

LOVE this table...exactly what I want!

I recently bought two Alverde lipsticks (I have to have some serious control when it comes to lipsticks and nail polishes). It's DM's brand and it's a natural brand. The price is so affordable which is why I decided to try it (I don't need more lipstick) and to my surprise the two colours I LOVE. For the price you can't go wrong. So when I saw this colour called Red Pepper I can't wait to get my hands on it. I LOVE orange lipsticks!!

Red Pepper is the middle swatch.


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Dotty Jo x said...

Totally gonna get me a poncho or shawl this year! Jo x